Student Project


A cross-disciplinary semester project by Haoxiang Wang

In almost every culture, there are methods employed to try and predict fortune and fate. By mapping the planets and combining every being’s living experience, fate is somehow predicted. Currently, when we talk about astrology and prediction, we often refer to Western constellations and Western mythologies. However, there are many different kinds of astrological teachings among diverse cultures. These are too often overlooked.

Ziweidoushu, a traditional Chinese astrological approach, for example, is a fortune telling methodology used by emperors and nobility of the past to predict the ups and downs of a dynasty. The project WILL BE decodes the astrolabe of Ziweidoushu and develops a new way of visualizing it with the objective to learn and implement a new system of fortune telling to help reorient one’s life.

© Pandect of Ziweidoushu, Daoheng Wang (Qing Dynasty)
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