SDG 4 – "Quality Education"



UniNEtZ – Universities and Sustainable Development Goals – is a project initiated by the "Alliance of Sustainable Universities in Austria", in which since 2012 a total of 14 universities have joined together to form a platform. The aim of the UniNEtZ project is to create an "option paper" for the Austrian federal government that identifies and evaluates future-oriented policy options for action in terms of the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals on a national level.

The Angewandte has been actively engaged in both the Alliance and UniNEtZ since the beginning of the project through its Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs and Development.

IPSD has committed to the realisation of the "option paper" by coordinating an SDG4 working group on "Substantials", and by providing expertise in lifelong, aesthetic, creative, and cross-disciplinary education.

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