Fun guys

LET IT GROW – 让它生长吧

Student project


A cross-disciplinary semester project by Maria Bürger, Viktor Schöll, Linya Shi and Kira Zhang

Mycelial networks have the ability to interlink entire ecosystems and provide plants and organisms with essential nutrients. The installation Let it grow invites participants to immerse themselves in a physical space in order to connect to a growing network in a multisensory way. As participants perceive the emerging sense of belonging, they can develop a soundscape using three physical mushroom sculptures. Each of the mushrooms emits acoustic signals when touched, creating a unique atmosphere as each participant interacts. Once the installation‘s narrative cycle is over, every participant receives a spore bomb to bury in their personal neighborhood - to bring new mycelial networks to life.

Photos: © Maria Bürger + Linya Shi

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