FUTURE Chocolate

Cross-disciplinary semester project by Dalila Cataldi and Micol Merlin

Student project


FUTURE Chocolate is an awareness campaign and call to action that presents an alternative narrative for cocoa production and consumption. The project makes use of artistic strategies to act upon increasing awareness on the intersectionality of sustainable food production and food justice, in an attempt to bridge the gap between sustainable intention and behaviour, specifically targeting chocolate consumers. Communicated through a poster, animation visible through the Artivive App and an Instagram page (@futurechocolateis), FUTURE Chocolate explains what chocolate as a product can look like in the future and what values can be expected by the consumers in its production cycle.

Concept Design: Dalila Cataldi (IPSD) & Micol Merlin (IPSD)
Poster Design: Vitus Vogl-Fernheim (Klasse für Ideen)
Photos: © Helena Lea Manhartsberger

Instagram: futurechocolateis

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