Global Challenges + Sustainable Developments

Double Degree Master Programme with Tongji University Shanghai

Flying falling floating globe
Erli Grünzweil: Flying/Falling/Floating (2018)

Duration: 5 Semesters

Language: English

Credits: 150 ECTS

Double Degree: “Master of Arts” by Angewandte and either “Master of Fine Arts in Art Design” or “Master of Mechanics in Industrial Design” by Tongji University 

Tuition free!

Today’s huge global challenges can only be solved by highly coordinated groups of individuals who understand the complex inter-relativeness of economic, social, technical, environmental and scientific phenomena and their systemic interdependency. The joint programme “Global Challenges + Sustainable Developments” offers innovative forms of higher education in aesthetic, artistic, interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and transdisciplinary strategies, as well as in transcultural and intercultural competences for shaping and designing the future world.

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