"Village Triangles" – A two-day workshop with Sacha Kagan featuring embodied collective mapping and exploration of systemic and complex themes and issues

SR 24, VZA7

"Village Triangles" workshop in Espinho, Portugal (Sacha Kagan, 2016)

We will be exploring themes from the workshop participants’ past experience and/or future projects. The workshop method “Village Triangles” is a playful format combining physical collective movement and collective reflection (involving both systems thinking and qualitive complexity). It was developed by Sacha Kagan, based on the earlier systems thinking game “Triangles” initially developed by Linda Booth-Sweeney and Dennis Meadows, and on the fictional characters of "Number 6" and "the Villagers" in the UK television series The Prisoner (1967-1968).

This workshop format can be especially useful to help participants explore together, and viscerally rather than merely intellectually, the dynamic complexity of an own project or issue. In other words: Together you will practice thinking, enacting, and talking with whole bodies-minds rather than remain in verbal abstraction, all the while discovering unexpected whole-systems relations.

The workshop takes place under the Angewandte COVID regulations.

Organisational details:

Sessions will be video recorded and the videos are discussed by the group as part of the methodical approach.

The workshop is open for students of Angewandte and other universities.

Registered participants have to attend the workshop full time on both days. Attending an informal open-ended come together on Wednesday evening is recommended.

Due to a limited number of participants a binding registration is required until 28th October:

Registered participants will receive a book chapter and detailed information for preparation beforehand.

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