Public Guest Lecture

"The Planet versus Bolsonaro" – Johannes Wesemann

Auditorium, VZA 7

Still from Campaign video 'The Planet vs Bolsenaro', AllRise, 2021

International Programmes in Sustainable Developments and Vienna MA in Applied Human Rights are organising a common lecture series on the relations between art, sustainability, human rights, and environmental justice.

The first public lecture is held by Johannes Wesemann, entrepreneur and ex-Uber GM Austria,  founder of AllRise, a non-profit organisation for developing environmental litigations against perpetrators of crimes against nature and the environment.

In 2021 AllRise filed a dossier with the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation against Jair Bolsonaro for possible crimes against humanity. The charge: Brazilian President, and powerful individuals like him, are undermining global action on climate change. Their policies jeopardize the health and safety of every person on this planet. The legal proceedings are aimed, at holding Bolsonaro to account, while at the same time hoping to provide a legal precedent for recognizing environmental destruction as international crime, subject to the same standards of accountability as genocide or crimes of aggression against territories or populations. In this presentation Johannes Wesemann will explain the rational and current status of his appeal to the ICC.

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