MAPPING AND SPACES at Angewandte Festival 2023

Room 149, PSK

During the summer semester 2023 GCSD students worked on the topic "Mapping and Spaces" and developed five projects, which are shown at this year's Angewandte Festival.

Coming from different disciplines such as design, communication, and urbanism, the projects deal with "mapping" as a critical thought process and an artistic method.


  1. Batam: Remote Viewing of the Reality Disparities on Social Media
    Freda Yu BingJie
  2. Chorus in the Winter. You sing, I sense. You fly, I chase. You migrate, I trace.
    Qingyu Zhang
  3. WILL BE
    Haoxiang Wang
  4. Folding, Flowing, Then You Are Here
    Linya Shi
  5. Etiquette at the Table
    Qianwen Zhu

Opening hours:
27th–30th June, 11–9pm
Room 149, PSK


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