HANDMADE IN CHINA at Angewandte Festival 2023

OKP, 2nd floor, SR 5 + 6

Handmade in China is a project by GCSD student Marcus Kautz in cooperation with Claudia Larcher (TransArts), Zhepeng Wang, an anonymous oil painter in China, and an AI.

It has been developed in the context of a thematic focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI), for which students and faculty from TransArts and Expanded Museum Studies have created a collaborative salon around practice, discourse, and research in art and museums, for the Angewandte Festival 2023.

The project deals with the question "Do we still paint the future ourselves or does the AI design it for us?" With this in mind, the artists take a look at two AI-generated paintings that were created in Shenzhen, China by a professional oil painter. The process illustrates the possibilities of the fusion of humans and AI and poses the question of the value of manual labor in times of AI for discourse.

Concept + AI: Marcus Kautz

Project management: Zhepeng Wang

Photo: Marcus Kautz/Tongji University

Opening hours:
27th–30th June, 11–9pm
OKP, 2nd floor, Seminar Rooms 5 + 6

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