Arts-based research project DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA website reanimated

kondition pluriel (Martin Kusch + Marie-Claude Poulin): Diver – an interactive installation for virtual reality headsets (2016-2018)

The arts-based, inter- and cross-disciplinary research project DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA has been realized between 2013 and 2016 by the Digital Synesthesia Group, a cross-disciplinary research team consisting of artists, scientists, and scholars under the lead of Katharina Gsöllpointner and Ruth Schnell, head of department Digital Art at University of Applied Arts Vienna.

DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA was one of the earliest projects supported by the FWF Austrian Science Fund within its innovative Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK), and focused on the technological, aesthetic, and media conditions of digital art that make synesthetic experiences for individuals possible. 

After a couple of years of death by technical reasons, the DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA website now has been reanimated by then project leads Katharina Gsöllpointner and Ruth Schnell. Since the website has been installed to serve as a space for presenting the topic, as well as the artistic, scientific, and scholarly outcome of the three-year research project we have decided to leave it in its then ad-hoc appearance. Check out the website and project outcomes here

The extremely beautifully designed DIGITAL SYNESTHESIA book containing theoretical and scientific texts as well as contributions by all participating artists also still is available at deGruyter editors!

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