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The department "International Programmes in Sustainable Developments" was founded at the Angewandte in 2019 as a new hub for innovative, international master’s programmes and cross-disciplinary projects. In close cooperation with European and non-European universities and institutions, inter- and transdisciplinary study programmes are developed and implemented.

The master’s degree programmes focus on cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary education to meet the current requirements for future-oriented university education on a content and structural level. They are designed to equip students with the competencies, skills and abilities that will serve them in the future as an indispensable basis for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary engagement with the Grand Global Challenges.

The department's aim is to explore and define what such a university education should look like, and to apply these concepts in academic subjects which are both experimental and contemporary.


Sen.Sc. PD Dr. phil.
Katharina Gsöllpointner
Head International Programmes in Sustainable Developments

Katharina Gsöllpointner is head of department and is also the main coordinator of the double degree master’s programme “Global Challenges and Sustainable Developments” which is carried out in collaboration with Tongji University Shanghai. In this programme she also offers courses in “Reflection of Study Work and Progress” where she supports students in the development of their study progress by utilising cross- and transdisciplinary methods and practices.

Katharina is a trained communication, media, and art theorist with a focus on media aesthetics and with a long lasting passion for cross-disciplinary thinking and acting.

Katharina Gsöllpointner
Mitra Kazerani
Assistant International Programmes in Sustainable Developments

Mitra Kazerani is an information designer with a longstanding experience in exhibition and graphic design. As part of her professional experience she also worked for various production teams for independent theater companies in Vienna and Berlin.

Since 2010 she has been working at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, first in the department of Graphic Design and the Institute of Design in matters of organisation, public relations, events and portfolio presentations, and since autumn 2019 in the new department "International Programmes in Sustainable Developments".

Mitra Kazerani


The department develops, realises, and establishes its innovative global master’s programmes in sustainable developments as well as its cross-disciplinary projects in close collaboration with international universities and partner organisations: 

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